Nancy has DSC03471been a barista, writing tutor, burger flipper, baker, spider slayer, and barrel rider, among many other illustrious titles which have given her much useless knowledge. Her interests are varied and range from enjoying a nice microfoamed latte while curled up with her two cats and listening to Jim Croce, to a night on the town sipping her favorite cocktail, a gin fizz.

Her favorite activity is getting a caffeine high and spewing rants to anyone within firing range and earshot. Her favorite people are her husband Josh, her vivacious sister Joanie, and Paul Newman. With her sister she plans to take on the world, one article at a time.


Joanie starte12654633_10156473963715147_3170224069259108172_nd her life with a dangerously active imagination and somehow managed to come out of her fantasies she’d lived for two decades and have a husband and a family. Most of the excitement she experiences since the birth of her eldest, six years ago, come from her imagination… still, or from the very idea of anyone treating her children with anything less than the utmost care, love, attention and consideration. She considers herself a crusader after the best interests of her brood. You can often find her yelling at anyone who talks to her babies with a less than adoring tone.

Her interests are as widely ranged as starting on a tangent about civil war generals, to wondering what the Elves from the Lord of the Rings would call certain planets and stars if they had been able to see them without telescopes. She is adept at finding at least one four leaf clover in every patch and has so many now, she just throws them at strangers for good luck. Her best friends are her three children, her husband and her little sister, Nancy, with whom she shares every thought and inclination, whether she wants to hear them or not.

A young woman who has gone from not being able to boil water properly to making a darn good chicken Parmesan, Joanie is really a one in a million, a hilarious, and clumsily dorky scatterbrained genius. Though she does say so herself.