Best Springfield Happy Hour Hotspots

It’s safe to say everyone loves a good deal, and these local bars and restaurants are abundant in great specials on food and beverages. They have been tried (and tried and tried) and tested by yours truly.

Missouri Spirits Distillery- 507 W. Walnut Street

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Happy Hours: 4-6 PM Tuesday through Saturday and 10 PM- close (12:00), Women’s Whiskey Wednesday all day

This is one of the most unique places in town. They make their own moonshine, corn whiskey, bourbon, and vodka, and they ship to 27 states. Simple syrups here are made in house, as well as hand crafted flavored ice cubes, candied orange peels, and so many other delights I could not possibly list them here. Have you ever had smoked ice cubes?? These guys aren’t messing around. Every drink made here is finely crafted to perfection. I am frequently faced with so many drink choices it’s almost impossible to pick just one. Okay, I never pick just one (let’s keep my alcoholism between just us girls). Do tell them Nancy sent you, and say hello to the bobcat in the window for me.

Women’s Whiskey Wednesday: Every beverage on the drink menu is $5, for ladies only!

Nancy-tested and approved food: Hummus with veggies, Pimiento dip, Queso and chips, Pulled pork sliders. This list will only get longer as I try everything on the menu.

Recommended drinks: If you like it sweet and fluffy, get The Bluebird. Like to imbibe a bit stronger? Go for Bill’s Bullets or a Missouri Mule.

Find their drink menu here, and their food menu here

Golden Girl Rum Club- 137 Park Central Square

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Happy Hours: 5-7 PM daily

A fairly new establishment, Golden Girl Rum Club is a tiki bar you’d expect to stumble upon along a boardwalk in Honolulu. From the tiki torches on the patio and tealight candles in brightly colored holders on the tables, to the neon bendy straws and ceramic cat and shark mugs lining the bar, this place is unique to say the least. Every drink here is fruity, delicious, and strong. Their Holy Sh** Shark in 3-D drink, which is creamy and dreamy, warns of its strength and has a maximum limit of two per person. Did I mention they make their own ramen? The duck egg in this delectable bowl of broth dreaminess is not for the faint of stomach; it is spicy, but I found myself continuing to scarf it down despite the likely event of a burn at both ends later on (this did not occur, as I found out the next day).


Recommended drink: Holy Sh** Shark in 3-D

Patton Alley Pub- 313 S. Patton Avenue

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 Happy Hours: all day Sunday, 4-6 PM daily

     The selection of beer at Patton Alley Pub is astounding. With over 40 beers on tap, trying them all would take a daunting amount of time (challenge accepted?). You can also get your favorite cocktail here. On Sundays, I can get two double gin and tonics and an order of hummus with pita and veggies for $12. They have hummus, says you? I proclaim this: the best hummus I’ve had in Springfield can be found here. There is pop culture trivia on Thursdays and Sundays at 7:30, so get a team together and put all that useless knowledge you carry in the old noggin to the test.

Recommended drinks: Beers- Abita Purple Haze, Framboise Raspberry Lambic, Piney River Black Walnut Wheat.

Here’s a list of some of the beers they have on tap.

Mudlounge- 321 South Walnut Street

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Happy Hours: 4-7 PM daily

This place serves the ever-popular Mudhouse coffee, but with an unexpected twist- you guessed it, they add alcohol. Coffee and alcohol were just meant to be together. It’s a lovely compromise; you can study for your calculus final and then get sloshed. The atmosphere is cozy and low lit with comfortable couches and armchairs like the ones at grandma’s house. Getting hungry? A vast array of delicious fondues is beckoning. Heed their strange, gloopy call, and from 4-6 get $2 off these dips of delight. The martinis at Mudlounge are full of spiked coffee, and are $2 off during happy hour. Check out the link below for full Happy Hour details.

Mudlounge Happy Hour Details

Ocean Zen- 4117 South National Avenue

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Happy Hours:4-6 PM in the bar, 8-10 PM Sunday to Thursday, 9-11 PM Friday and Saturday

If you have not eaten at Ocean Zen, definitely think about making plans to do so. You won’t even need to worry about wallet drainage if you go during their Happy Hour. The chefs have created a mouth-watering menu: Mongolian ribs, four cheese macaroni and cheese, blue crab and cream cheese stuffed wontons, salt ‘n’ pepper jalapeno fried chicken- okay guys, need I go on? All of these culinary perfections can be found on the Happy Hour menu below, as well as a long list of wines and cocktails (one is called Mango Tango. Intrigued yet?).  Dress up like you’re fancy and leave with your wallet only minutely lighter.

Ocean Zen’s Happy Hour Menu

This list will expand as I try more and more places. I make this sacrifice for you, dear reader.

DSC03471Nancy likes her gin and tonics and wants a Snuggie for Christmas.


Nancy’s Cakes and Bakes

Coming from a large family, and deeply enjoying baking for friends, I have conjured up many gastronomical delights, some of which are displayed here. I got hungry just uploading these photos.