The nightlife of the Ozarks has seen an undeniable flux in special interest bands and events that reflect the millennial lifestyle that has come into light in the last ten years. The modernization of artistic interests just might be an influence of the technological advances over the same previous decade, but not in the way you might think. Certainly people check in more places and virtually share more outings with their social media friends, however the instant access to any information you may want to get your hands on has had an uncalculated effect on the masses. There has been a spike in interests in antiquities and in the fashion, art, and music surrounding them. 

One such phenomena, borne of the  urge to seek our cultural roots is the retro-styled cover band, MARGOT AND THE KIDDERS. A band borne, much out of necessity, on the waves of taking a look around at the world and thinking, “I missed something.”

That is why Margot LeMay and Corey Johnson started the roundup that ended with the group that was named Margot and the Kidders before there was more than just a Margot. DSCF9364

Months of practice and a couple of new band members later, the debut of Margot and the Kidders took place at the Classic Rock Coffee Shop in Springfield, Mo. This was one year ago. They have had a booking request every single weekend since.

With the summer in full swing, their shows are sometimes numbered 3 a week.

Farmer’s Park gigs, American Legion Outpost Fundraiser nights, Downtown, Uptown, weddings, birthday parties, and swingin’ roaring twenties prohibition parties; every booking suits them just fine. They have as much respect for the venues that DSCF9541have booked them to play music for burlesque routines as they do for the upper crust birthday party bookings and Branson Landing restaurants they have played for.

The only problem that Margot and her Kiddos ever have is meeting the high demand to book them, especially during the summer nightlife season. They have hopes of spreading the gospel of the likes of Amy Winehouse and Post Modern Jukebox to a more diverse audience in the Ozarks by way of their smooth integration of classy jazz and edgy rhythms into the modern scenes of the local millenials. 

Will the fame of Margot and the Kidders keep rising? Is their sudden ascent to the top of Ozarkian nightlife bands enough to satisfy their craving to spread their fever for vintage tunes? Not at all! What’s next for these hard-working and stylish musicians?  Margot, when asked, with a grin simply states, “Eureka Springs… then Atlantic City”.


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Why is it that whenever you think you have life figured out, that you catch crazy curves that almost knock you off course? Being a very, very amateur aspiring writer makes me feel like I can do something with the words I have to say. It also makes me feel like most of the time I am kidding myself and that I write like a middle school aged child. The real bit of trouble is, when you aren’t physically committed to doing a certain amount of work every day, and it doesn’t hold a guarantee that you will be paid for hard work put in. Because technically I only sell what people think is good.

Thrown into the mix, with their cute little fluffy topped heads, my three adorably overwhelming and stubborn willed children, who, even when not suffering months of sicknesses, are needy, obstinate, and mentally gifted. These little creatures that I gave life to are my favorite little bloodsuckers, but boy are they ever sucking the life from me.

The mental disorder I have inherited and perfected from generations of ancestors is not helpful as far as motivational skills, social skills, and being a bubbly mommy. bUt I am trying.

I’ve fallen behind on things that truly matter to me. Especially spending time with my little sister, who is my very best friend. She is a real inspiration to anyone who wants to be more than what everyone settles for themselves being. She amazes me, and sometimes all of the things that she accomplishes on her own seem frightening and so daunting that I fear for her in her independence.

Regardless of the time I have lost with my sister, I will never stop supporting her, loving her, and even sometimes telling her things she doesn’t want to hear, because I love her dearly, and I expect the same from her. I feel the same with all of my sisters, whom I’ve grown apart from, unfortunately. I wish to remedy that.

I am very lucky to have a family that loves me. My children are going to be rocket scientists, my husband is hard working, supportive, and loving, and I have not just one, but a slew of sisters that I love and would do anything for, and they would do the same for me.

My partner in crime on the Sisters Curious is a strong and determined woman who has overcome and trampled so many obstacles to becoming the beautiful, linguistically and musically skilled beauty that I am proud to call my baby sister. You can read her blog posts here on THE SISTERS CURIOUS or you can check out her band MARGOT AND THE KIDDERS on facebook, or her own personal facebook page MARGOT LeMAY.


All Shook Up: Tent Theatre’s Summer Musical

Obtained from MSU Tent Theater
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Last Tuesday I attended MSU’s Tent Theater production of All Shook Up. My mother-in-law works for the university and scored some free tickets (ah the sweet, sweet perks of knowing people, an art which I am terrified to master). For anyone not familiar with Tent Theater, the Drama Department sets up a tent in the middle of a field by the university and puts on musicals,usually for a sold out crowd.

Now, I really didn’t know what to expect as I had never seen a production by the college. As I took the atmosphere in, a sense of nervous excitement permeated the crowd. I saw then the stage props and lighting exceeded my expectations. The stage was meant to look like a jail, in the fashion of “Jailhouse Rock”, and it conjured that song to my memory. This was the first of many surprises.

The musical was delightful in a romping sort of way. It was very campy, as I assume musicals tend to be (I don’t expect a world in which people burst into song every three minutes to be anything otherwise). I could tell the lead actor was having a hard time getting an Elvis persona as he was meant to; he seemed more a softer singer I would have liked to see play Raoul in Phantom of the Opera. The lead actress was quirky and likable, and had a strong yet feminine voice.

The character who stole the show in my opinion was a fiery black woman who played the owner of a diner. She seemed to get the most reactions from the audience, and for good reason. Her comedic timing was excellent, and boy did that lady have some pipes. When she sang it almost shook the tent flaps, and I definitely had some goose pimples pop up all over my body every time she belted it out.

As for the choreography, it was well executed and it appeared the cast had practiced well. I noticed no errors there.

To top off the experience, Andy’s provided tubs and tubs of frozen custard ranging from vanilla to peanut butter cup. Being a purist but a lover of all things fruit, I chose strawberry. As I used my white plastic spoon to dig into the delicious cold treat, I watched the second act of the musical. As the lead actor and actress were expressing their love for one another, it aroused in me the delusion that I also wanted to be in a musical. I began to examine how I would go about achieving my new-found dream. Towards the end of the show, when several of the actors were getting married and were necking quite vigorously onstage, I decided my husband would probably not approve of my endeavors in the musical or acting world. Coming to this realization, I was content to enjoy the last bit of my strawberry frozen custard and let the real players play.

Overall, the experience at Tent Theater was pleasant and quite romantic. I knew MSU’s Drama Department would put on a great show, but I was happily surprised at how good a show it was.

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