The Dynamic Stylings of Jesse Welch, Tattoo Artist and Illustrator

Looking for ink in the Queen City?

Since the popularization of tattoos in the working middle class, the city of Springfield, Mo. has seen a massive growth of tattoo parlors in the area. There are dozens of shops to choose from within a 10 mile radius of the midwest suburbia. Unlike the options for shops a decade ago when I began getting tattooed, nowadays you have the choice of not only your shop but also your artist. This is a positive turnaround for the sometimes hesitant first time tattoo seeker. Now you don’t have to settle for an artist that you don’t especially trust or like. The trouble is how do you actually choose between the many, many shops and artists therein. HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU CAN TRUST AN ARTIST FOR YOUR FIRST (OR NEXT) TATTOO? Relax, friends. I think I have just what you need.

SACRED ART: Skilled and Professional Tattooists for the Working Class

Shops come and go in the area, let’s be honest. One shop has been around for over a decade, and has always been a source of reliable ink-masters who know what they are doing and prove it with every customer that walks in the door. SACRED ART TATTOO, on the Northeast Corner of Glenstone and Chestnut has been consistently clean and professional, with the ease of manner in the artists that has always brought new customers in, and kept return customers with their skill level and “bedside manner”. The shop is now the workplace and second home to possibly the best tattoo artist that the area has seen since the departure of Tim Pontillo from the former Miller Cotton’s on Glenstone Avenue. The high priced and particular artists of the city may have met their match, in an artist who DOES take walk ins, who DOES price tattoos reasonably, who DOES make his clients feel at ease and informed, and DOES do an AMAZING job on the many different styles requested by his customers on a daily basis.

Springfield’s Answer for Excellent, Accessible Art

Jesse Welch has been an on again off again member of the Springfield community for years, citing his nomadic ways as cause for his different nesting grounds in California, Texas, Tennessee, and Missouri. The town to town lifestyle that this artist has experienced has instilled in him a diverse and ever expanding portfolio of artistic capabilities, and a knack for alternating styles seamlessly.

The kinds of pieces that Jesse has been asked to work on are as diverse as his background. There are endless samples of stunning work by his hand, ranging from death metal tributes, pin-up ladies, Barbies, Veteran’s Memorial tattoos, superheroes, watercolors, and even Samurai Storm Troopers. Those examples are just a glimpse of a week in the life of this seasoned tattoo artist.

Making a Tattoo a Pleasant Experience

The quality on every piece of art Jesse tattoos is undeniable, as attested by the many, many return customers that came to SACRED ART for the cleanliness, and came back time and time again due to the professionalism of the staff and the quality of the tattoos. As SACRED ART’s most frequently and well-reviewed artist,  Jesse puts accountability into every faction of his work, and it shows through the service that he and his fellow artists provide new and return customers. There is no off putting awkwardness or a disinterest in what you want. As soon as you walk in the door, Jesse and the other artists make sure that you are attended to and spoken to in a respectful and friendly manner.

The Personalized Touch

Our artist in question has a consistent policy of always doing his best to cater to the desires of his current customer. He strives to make every tattoo an experience especially for the client and the theme that their tattoo represents as a kind of nod to the ancient traditions of a tattoo being a symbol of honor and a celebration of accomplishment. You really do feel that when Jesse tattoos you, you have earned it, and there is nothing else more important to your artist than making sure that it turns out perfect, both the tattoo and the memory of getting the tattoo.

Inking Integrity

With Jesse Welch of SACRED ART tattoo, there are no gimmicks. There are no bloated egos , there is not a turned down nose attitude to a tattoo theme that he does not subscribe to. What a client wants, a client will get. If you ask him for something, he will do his best to meet your specifications, and if you are open to suggestion, he will be happy to make alterations to further personalize your very individual and personally meaningful tattoo.

Stand Alone Artwork

If you do elect to have a piece drawn up by him, you will not be disappointed. This is where an artist of Jesse’s caliber shines. There are not many artists that can so selflessly capture the things their clients have in mind and properly translate it to ink on skin.

Jesse Welch’s artwork is well known as having a dynamic range. With amazing line work, meticulous attention to detail, he has a flair for both classic and neo-classic styles, along with a knack for bright, bold, and beautiful colors. He has flexibility on scheduling, he keeps careful track of appointments and commitments, if one cannot be held, he will make every effort to amend any changes that have to be made to a scheduled session. Jesse will make every effort to take walk ins and cater to the needs of every one of the people that come in looking for his work, or have the serendipity of discovering it for the first time. Even with all of the professionalism and accountability, the thing that makes Jesse one of the best tattoo artists in Springfield is his art, so allow me to let it speak for itself.

You can find him on Jesse Welch Facebook.


Writing Contest: From Our Family to Yours

Family is a touchy issue for a lot of people. Some don’t get along. Some people don’t even have a family to speak of (unfathomable!). We love to hear about family matters that inspire or even anger. As long as your family is invested in you, it doesn’t matter if they’re happy with you or angry at you, because as long as they feel something towards you, that’s how you can know that they care. The worst thing we can think of is not having family at all.

Beautiful sisters that we are, we pride ourselves in our family roots. The attractive throng of stubborn and hard working individuals that we are descended from are a matter of pride and a feeling of superior exemption in our heart of hearts. How many times have we been accused of being as obstinate as a Doss, or acting like a Hancock. There are Haffers, there are long lost Whitecottons and all kinds of quirky and interesting people along the way. The foundations of our very souls are grounded in the treatment by and tales of our very strong, very amazing family.

There is the matron supreme, the mama of all mamas, the rock in a turbulent world that each of her 6 children have always been able to depend on and look up to. Not a shred of mistreatment ever occurred to one of her children by her hand. She dealt with a couple different horribly mean men and came out stronger and a special favorite of all of her children. On my part, I look up to my mother’s temperance in times of need when I feel that I am not being fair and even tempered with my children, as she always was able to be.

Then come the big bad 3 sisters. The character and imagination of these ladies is a topic of true inspiration for their 2 younger sisters (namely, Nancy and I). Our eldest was out of the house before we were born, she was always the grown up and married one. She served as an inspiration and excursion destination to us whenever our Mommy simply worked too much to keep up with us. We used to love her house so much we’d hide keys or purses to keep from having to leave. Nevermind the fact that she had two daughters not more than 5 years younger than we are. We became best friends and did some of our most ridiculously stupid things that we could think of, and we did them together.

Our next eldest sister was the dark, brooding, middle child, and she was so freaking cool! (yes, I still think so). She has a poetic soul, a troubled mind, and a heart that cried out to help little sisters that were not always treated very nicely by a very depressed and somewhat unstable father. For a while she was our champion, taking care to see that we were treated fairly. When she moved out I think that my whole life came crashing down around me at the tender age of 5, and I slept in her Guns’N’Roses every night because of how much I missed her.

Our next eldest sister was the one that lived with us the longest, (we graduated ten years apart), but she stayed at home for quite some time after, and she became the scapegoat for any problems Nancy and I had, because she did not like our defiance, which in all honesty, we cannot help but dish out to anyone that is bothered by it, still. We love her dearly, and she was a source of great fun and playtimes with her creative stories we would bring to life, as well as playing a Hogwarts-esque type of boarding school game.

Now before I bring up the next in line, I want anyone related to me to settle down, and if you’re not, be prepared because he is the one male in any of his sisters’ (or his mom’s) life that was good to them. He is the standard for each of his sisters that anyone they are involved with can never live up to. The Marine, the police officer and the all around badass big brother. Being the special favorite of everyone related to him isn’t as easy as it sounds. For his sisters, he has to act as a sort of a father figure fill-in. For his mother, he is everything that she has tried to instill in her children, and somehow failed in everyone except him. He is the golden child, and I would say it bothers me, but he is very awesome and I would be a great person if I was half as awesome, responsible and just generally badass as he is.

Then there’s us. The dorks. The young ones. The impressionable, eccentric, and slightly bi-polar little sisters. Growing up with bad haircuts and low self-esteem. A lot of times we only had each other and we fought. A lot. At one point I was convinced that Nancy was actually trying to kill me due to the violence of her emotions. As well as her biting. We have blossomed into slightly more self-aware weirdos and our awkwardness is only overshadowed by our amazingly eccentric personalities, as well as our very high highs and resoundingly low lows.

We love our family. We worry about them when they are having a hard time and we always miss the old days when we were all closer.
We know that our family, good times or bad, is what has shaped us into who we are today and the stories we have, funny, sad, meaningful, or all three mean everything to us.

We can never forget when our big brother rode home from California on his motorcycle to visit. All of our nieces and nephews being born, how whiney our sisters were when they were pregnant. There were so many petty fights, and so many really messed up incidents that did not result in nearly as much punishment as it warranted. (No one would ever believe the degree to which Nancy’s habit of anger-biting effected my life.)

We want to hear about your families. We want to hear what makes you tick. What makes you happy or angry about them? Do you have any crazy stories? These things are important, because after all, if a girl didn’t have a family, who would they cry to? (Or yell at?)

Please send a parable that is humorous or meaningful about your family that you would like to share, and we will choose one lucky submission and publish it on our blog, with you, lucky winner, as a guest writer for The Sisters Curious!


Joanie quite flawlessly locates four-leaf clovers, and enjoys

endlessly barraging her husband with a babbling brook of questions about nonsense she has no intention of letting him speak long enough to answer.

Breaking Up With a Friend

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     Friendships are a lovely and delicate creature. The experiences we all have with friends live on in our brains until the end of our days, and is something to cherish. We’re all enthusiastically trudging through a meadow of wildflowers now, you the reader, and I, and my sister Joanie is calling after us telling us we’re “crazy” and “idiots” and “give me that twenty dollars you owe me”. She’s just crazy, ahem. We’re arm in arm singing about the glories of friendship. Little do we know, we’ve stomped on a family of mice, and old Mother Mouse is recently divorced and now you’ve killed all of her children.

I suppose what I’m getting at is some friendships are not so rosy as they appear. As you merrily adventure along with the other person in your friendship, you begin to see them as they truly are. Sometimes this only adds to your love for them, but sometimes being around this person starts to turn your own life into a stressful jumble of emotional turmoil and you just want to scream at everyone around you and cry until your tear ducts dry up and pop out.

I had an unfortunate experience where this exact situation arose. I went along with a friend I had known since I met my husband almost ten years ago. That friend and I slowly became good friends, and we began to hang out more frequently. As we talked more and more about ourselves, I started noticing a trend with said friend.

  • Everything my friend talked about was negative
  • This person would trash other people, people considered to be this person’s friends, in our conversations and say intimate details about them
  • I began to doubt the trust I thought was there, because if my friend talked so much about other people, what then would keep this person from telling my secrets to others?
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My darkest fears were realized when I learned from an unexpected source that this person had told a rumor about me concerning one of my husband’s best friends. An inappropriate act had supposedly transpired- okay you get it. Now, being a sane person, I decided to think about the situation. Big mistake. I said to myself, “Okay, so my friend said this about me. Okay, what would make this person say that? Did I ever allude to anything of that nature?” Deep in my very heart of hearts, I knew I had not and this rumor was founded on absolutely bupkus.

Thus began my boiling, seething anger. Hah, no that’s a lie. I cried my eyes out that very night, like a little baby girl, wondering and wondering why a friend would say something like that. Then, after my girlish weeping had subsided and I finally let my cat run away from my arms, who I had elected to hold while the sobbing commenced (he’s such a sweetie, flailing and mewing to distract me from my pain), I phrased the correct phrasery: “A friend would not say something like that”, and I made plans to end things with this person.

I was emotional, and I could not even talk to my spouse without almost crying, so I knew I would not be able to end things with my friend the way I needed to. I wanted to be strong and say what  I needed to say (the John Mayer song entered my head several times during this event). So I wrote a letter. The items in the bulleted list above made it into my letter, but I left out the part about the rumor. As I drove to this person’s house, I began feeling ill. I almost had to pull my car over to the side of the road because I felt the need to vomit. However, nothing spewed out of my mouth, and when I got there, I knocked on the door and my friend opened it.

Nicole Kidman as a grieving mother in Rabbit Hole
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After giving my friend the letter, I expected a series of questions or perhaps yelling. None of this happened. No emotion was shown, not even anger. So I left, and cried my eyes out in my blazing hot car before driving home. I thought everything was over, and I began to feel bittersweet relief. The plot thickens…

I expected to be unfriended, unfollowed, unliked, unsubscribed, and every other social media un-, but I did not expect what happened next. My friend went to social media, and ranted about why they thought they had lost a friend, and it was a complete lie. I was shocked, but when I thought about it, about the ways this person had talked about other people, people I thought they cared about, it made me realize I should not have been surprised. I felt sick the rest of the day after reading that rant. The next day, I also felt sick when I woke up. But, a beautiful thing happened. I thought about all the people I love, and why I love them. I knew the answer. Friends are there to love you, and support you. Significant others are there for the same reason. You see, I loved my friend, and I still do. It’s just that sometimes you have to let people you love go because the hurt they’ve caused is too much. That means you have to cause some hurt too.

Breaking up with a friend was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Respecting other people is important, but respecting yourself and your values is of the utmost importance, no matter how much it hurts to do that.

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