Finally friends, I am able to write again. It’s been a long time, but I finally figured out how to get rid of my yearlong writer’s block. My hunny hubby can take all of the credit. I was upset and telling him as much. I was frustrated about not being able to think of anything good to write, that people would want to read. He reminded me that I started out writing for myself. Shouldn’t I just keep doing that?

Frankly, I was embarrassed. I only allowed my husband to read anything I write a year ago. Had I come so far from my own mental roots that I forgot how to write just because? When I wrote before, it was literally only because something was kicking around in my brain like a pair of tennis shoes rolling around in a dryer. I had to write because the thoughts just sticking in my mind had to be let out somehow. Before I went crazy.

Admittedly in the past I had a lot more driving me crazy, well at least bothering me. More recently, I also had something on my mind for a short time that I simply could not even come to terms with in my own head, much less verbalize it by word. But like everything else, it did pass and my resolve was kept strong by the love I have for and receive  from my family.

The ideal of the perfect life is misconstrued. We cannot have everything in our lives exactly how we want, but we can perfect those things in our world that we have control of. In this, you can really find a sort of active contentment. Things aren’t 100% hunky dory, but I sure as hell intend to make everything in my control as close to perfect as possible.

It’s taken a long time to get to where I am now, and I don’t think that I would be the person I am today without the many, many speedbumps along the way. I am not whole, but I am doing all that I can to make what I have right for me and for my family too.

I give full credit to the love and understanding I have received from my soulmate, my husband. We both have had troubles, but our commitment to our relationship and our family is what binds us, and keeps us strong in our more difficult times.

So, it turns out, I don’t have to look far for a writing topic. Usually what’s on my mind ends up being my writing, and as simple as that seems, it’s easy to forget how to write when the things you are thinking are not meant for any heart but your own. Until then, for future reference, don’t think about writing. Don’t wish you felt like writing. Just write. The rest will flow, in time.


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