Today we at the Sister’s Curious are happy to present our first in a series of articles about up and coming artists in the area.


An Army wife and mother of two young girls and a baby on the way. She has a license in cosmetology and is a freelance artist, doing commission based work for individuals and businesses alike.

If you are wondering what kind of art Elisa does, just take yourself down to VIVID SALON and check out her gigantic wall mural, a commissioned piece she completed last year.


The art that Elisa creates is an inspiring combination of morbidity and style, mixed with a kind of passionate flair for color that makes every piece pop. Her dark inner demon pieces are just as good as her commissioned family, friends, and pets commissioned pieces.


Taking a look at her diverse portfolio, you’ll discover a tenderness of heart in even the more serious pieces, a true love that is shown in her care and perfectionism in all that she does. Her creativity is as boundless as her capacity for different styles.

In her artwork, you can see her creativity embodied in her own mind’s creations as well as in the pieces requested by clients. The personal, passionate touch is what makes this stunning lady a true class act. The intensity behind each work is obvious in its meticulousness. The same can be said of her cosmetic work.

As a hair stylist and make up artist, I’m not sure that there is anyone that can quite compare. Years before obtaining her license in cosmetology, she was doing amazing work on her friends, always conceding to her friends’ requests for her stylist services. She spent her whole life learning and perfecting different ways, to cut, style, and particularly color different hair types. I’ve never seen quite the skill with hair color that she has.

285944_10150371855695358_1975523982_o.jpg  335895_10150772474630467_4653221_o

When it comes to make-up artistry, she also has an uncannily professional knack for glamour, creativity, and symmetry that I have yet to see in more professionally employed make up artists.


You may ask yourself, where can I get ahold of this young lady and get her to make me over in her inspired and unique fashion… well, unfortunately she lives in the middle of no where right now, a very secluded lady, who is due for a move back to the hub of Springfield activity. We definitely need her back here, but if you try to go to her when she comes back to the Queen City, just remember, I am first in line!

To get a piece commissioned, check out more examples of her work, or to just get in touch with this talented lady go to her page:




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