Just in time for the weekend, let’s talk about ways to keep the kiddos happy and cool! (Because as we all know, a hot kid is a cranky and gripey kid!) There are no words to describe the misery of a hot summer day. Too hot to go out, and too sweaty to play. You just sit in your house all that hot, muggy day. With a less than efficient air conditioning system and 3 bedrooms, 2 floors and 5 people to keep cool, the day-to-day struggle to keep the heat to a minimum at all times of the day and well into the humid night is real! Here are some tips from personal experience that can make a big difference when it comes to cooling down the rowdy kinder.

Cover the windows! My husband knows that if it’s getting hot, I don’t really put too much worry into what he thinks is tacky looking. Making a physical barrier between the heat radiating from even a well-sealed window will help a room cool down more quickly.

Keep Clothes to a Minimum!  Of course, if you order pizza, you’re going to be embarassed by your kids one way or another (“Mommy, is that my daddy?”, “Mommy, why is that man so big? He must’ve eaten all of his dinner!”). The point being, don’t make them wear clothes if they do not need them, on the other hand, it is important to be clothed in public or in the presence of anyone other than immediate (and non-creepy) family.

Make Them Drink Water! This seems like a no-brainer but I swear upon the souls of my ancestors that some kids (like mine) would rather die of thirst than drink anything besides a fruit flavored drink. My solution? A very cool and grown up looking travel water bottle. Even my eldest son (who thinks he’s smarter than every other human being on the planet) has succumbed to consuming the element which brings life.

Block the Rays of the Hideous Sun Demon! Sounding like your mother in law yet? No? It doesn’t sound like mine. I am in that glorious generation where I am baffled at the careless ease of which  people let their children play outside without sun protection. Of course, my porcelain skinned sweeties can’t o out for 5 minutes without burning up. I’m afraid I blame myself, having had a heat stroke at a tender preschool age. Of course, even if you don’t have fair-skinned children, go ahead and google image search “melanoma”, and you’ll grease those little stinkers up faster than a house gets trashed by toddlers (boy, is that fast!!)

Popsicles and Bathtubs are Your Friends! I know you hate cleaning up the syrupy popsicle mess, and the gallons of water they splash on the floor, but you have to keep them cool, and they’ll never stay cool if you don’t make them sit still with something cool to eat, or to sit in. I know that bath time can be nerve-wracking (“Jackson, don’t try to drown your sister!”), but the decrease in crankiness will be exponential and you might even cool down yourself!

Or, when all else fails, there’s always the hobo bath in the wading pool, on the front lawn, for all the neighbors to see and deride your parenting skills and personal integrity while watching your middle child water the grass with his very clear urine whilst you are tending to the baby eating ants. Just remember, your family is your priority, stay relaxed, stay calm and above all keep those kids (and yourself) cool!


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